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Branding + Campaigns

When I joined Autodesk's Education marketing team as the Brand Manager, it was a role that was unestablished and undefined. The goal was to connect in a visually unified way with students ages 5-24 yrs old, educators of all levels, as well as learning partners. Each with their distinct personas and needs – while also laddering up to the overall Autodesk brand. Loving a challenge, I bellied up to the bar and drove visual rebrands for both youth and post-secondary audiences. My group drove alignment, successful testing, and a 55% increase in acquisition during crucial back-to-school time.

I am a creative partner who understands business and can drive results through ambiguity and foundationally build processes and systems that support longer-term success for companies I collaborate with. 

Autodesk Education Rebrand

Autodesk Education Campaign Assets

Youth Rebrand


Creative agencies: Volume SF, Boldium, Liz Clark

Photography: Werehaus

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